WMS and Warehouse Operations Consulting


Consultancy Services for 3PL and Private DC Operations:

  • DC automation and operations optimization

  • E-commerce automation and operations optimization

  • WMS and MHS system selection and implementation

  • 3PL and Private DC operations SOPs and Best Practices


Consultancy Services for WMS and MHS Providers:

  • Strategic Sales Planning

  • Sales team building

  • Direct selling support

  • Marketing support

  • New features system design and technical team support


Software / Hardware Experience:

  • RF and Voice enabled WMSs

  • MHSs

  • Conveyor/Sortation

  • AS/RS & Miniloaders

  • Pick and Put-to-Light

  • Pack Stations

  • Goods to Picker Robotics (Kiva)

  • Autonomous Robotics (Locus)


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